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All Types of Auto Accidents Funded

Lawsuit Funding for Car Accidents

If you watch the news, you will hear about multiple car accidents that happen every day. It is a common source of injury, and the reasons can be anything from speeding to carelessness or drunk driving. If you or your loved one has suffered due to an auto accident, you can file a car accident lawsuit funding People fighting for their rightful recompense in an accident lawsuit need funding to help with a number of financial obligations during the course of the case. Our sources are ready to help you with pre- settlement lawsuit funding.

The purpose of settlement lawsuit funding is that it covers the likely loss of wages, mounting medical bills, repair bills, and other out of pocket expenses until you receive a settlement. The cash from your settlement can take months or years to arrive. After the traumatic event of an auto accident, it can be a great relief to attain financial assistance to cover growing bills. Pre-settlement lawsuit funding is unlike a traditional lawsuit loan in which you have to pay back the lender, regardless of whether you win your suit.

Our sources can help you with immediate cash in the case of an auto accident if you are about to file a lawsuit or have already filed it. You will only be required to repay the amount plus a percentage if you win your case. You are not charged anything if you lose your case.

Our network of sources provides auto accident lawsuit funding for all types of auto car accidents.

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Rear End Collisions Pre-Settlement Funding

In a rear-end collision, the car crashes from behind into the car in the front. This usually happens because of sudden brake or deceleration by the front car, or speeding and/or tailgating by the second car. Often, the fault in rear-end collisions is primarily with the driver at the rear since they should be driving at a safe distance and should be alert. The occupants of the impacted car often face far more serious injuries. One common type of injury in such cases is whiplash, and it can even occur during moderate speed accident. An exception in rear-end collision accidents is when the front car hits the rear car while in reverse gear. That person will primarily be responsible for the damages in such a case.

If you have been injured in a rear-end collision and are suing the other driver, you might need litigation funding to help cover your expenses while you wait for the case to resolve.

Side Impact Collisions Pre-Settlement Funding

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Another type of car accident for which we provide auto accident lawsuit funding is a side impact collision. It is also called being “broadsided” or a “T-bone” collision. Side impact collisions occur when the side of a vehicle is hit by the front or rear of another car. While injuries and damage may vary due to the part of the car that was hit, they are frequently very severe in side-impact collisions. The presence of airbags, crumple zones, and safety features, as well as the vehicle construction and materials of the cars, can all play a role in determining the impact of the damage. As opposed to front or rear-end collisions, the occupants may suffer from far worse injuries when the vehicle is hit from the side.

Sideswipe Collisions Pre-Settlement Funding

Pre settlement funding is also available for sideswipe collisions. A sideswipe collision occurs when the sides of two cars touch, or “swipe” together. This usually occurs when two vehicles are driving in the same direction side by side. Such accidents can occur when a driver changes lanes irresponsibly or without checking for a car in the other lane. Another reason for sideswipe collisions may be that a driver recklessly drifted into another lane of traffic due to lack of attention on the road. Most sideswipe collisions occur on interstate roads or ramps where two lanes merge. An accident is likely to happen if there is not enough space for both cars to merge, or if the other driver quickly changes speed and eliminates the space for the other car. Occupants of a vehicle that suffers from a sideswipe collision face serious injuries because cars are generally designed to give protection from the front and rear ends. In a sideswipe collision, there is little space to absorb the shock of an impact.

Vehicle Rollover Pre-Settlement Funding

Litigation funding is also provided in the case of vehicle rollover. A vehicle rollover can occur when a vehicle flips over on its side or its roof. A common reason for vehicle rollover is turning a corner sharply at high speed. Taller vehicles such as SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicles) are at a greater risk of suffering from a rollover accident because they have a higher center of gravity. Occupants can often suffer from serious head and other injuries in rollover accidents.

Head-On Collisions Litigation Funding

Head on collisions can prove fatal to occupants of the vehicles. In this type of auto car accident, the front ends of the vehicles collide against each other. This is often due to miscalculating the speed and distance of the oncoming car, veering into an oncoming lane due to reckless driving or drunk driving. Head on collisions frequently cause death because both cars hit with extreme opposing force.

black toyota car involved with single car accidentSingle Car Accidents Litigation Funding

As the name suggests, single car accidents involve only one car that may hit a pole, a tree, a wall, or another stationary object, and may also involve bystanders. Single car accidents can occur due to losing control of a car due to drowsiness, reckless driving, or avoiding animals on the road.

Multi-Vehicle Pile-Ups Litigation Funding

Auto accidents lawsuit funding is also available for multi-vehicle pile-ups. These accidents involve many vehicles and frequently occur on freeways or highways. Multi-vehicle pile-ups are very deadly as they involve many vehicles crumpled together which makes escape difficult. Such accidents may also become prone to fire due to spilled fuel from the cars that may cover the crash area. The risk of injury to occupants in a multi-car accident is multiplied as each vehicle may be hit multiple times. The causes of multi-vehicle collisions vary, but negligence almost always plays a role.

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