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Personal Injury Cases Funded

Lawsuit Funding for Personal Injury Cases

In just a single moment, the negligence or carelessness of another individual can change your life forever. The term “personal injury” covers several types of injuries and lawsuits. As a personal injury victim, you may experience anything from injuries and disabilities to excessive medical expenses and even loss of earning ability. You may even find it difficult to pay for basic expenses, your kids’ education, groceries, or mortgage payments.

Even if the plaintiff has a strong personal injury lawsuit and is using an experienced lawyer, the legal procedures can take years to reach a settlement. Existing conditions become even more strenuous with the addition of emotional distress to physical pain.

Who can help you handle such exhausting circumstances with ease? Our company supports personal injury victims with our convenient and efficient services. Our numerous sources provide personal injury loans funding to ensure the plaintiffs have enough cash to manage their financial responsibilities. One of the most significant aspects of this lawsuit funding is that you, as a plaintiff, don’t owe anything if you lose the case.

Auto Accident Litigation Financing

Auto accidents happen for almost all kinds of reasons, ranging from poor vehicle maintenance, reckless driving, bad weather, texting while driving, to the utter carelessness of another party.
Auto accident injuries cause much more than physical pain. They can inflict great emotional and financial distress as well. The more challenging the personal injury litigation, the longer it may take to reach a settlement with your auto insurance company.

In most personal injury lawsuits, the auto insurance company has a financial advantage. Thus, it is in a position to prolong the legal activities to intensify further the problems for you and your family. During a lengthy wait is when many plaintiffs become distressed and tend to accept any settlement they can get. However, with auto accident lawsuit funding, you don’t have to compromise on anything that is less than your case’s true value.

guy beside his car having an auto accident

Workplace Accident Litigation Financing

Often working under serious conditions, workers endure different kinds of work related injuries. They can fall from high elevations or scaffolds, get injured by handling or lifting unsafe equipment, get stuck in moving machinery, or get exposed to hazardous chemicals or substances. Many insurance companies and employers not only deny their responsibilities regarding the safety of their workforce, but also prolong the resolution of workplace accident claims.

Asbestos Cases Litigation Advances

Categorized as a workplace accident, asbestos case settlement funding is provided to people who work on oceangoing vessels, in shipyards, or in factories. Constant exposure to asbestos can cause life-threatening injuries whose symptoms may not become obvious for decades. The development of mesothelioma takes time, and this is why it may take years to prove that a certain company is responsible for the plaintiff’s asbestos injury. Litigation financing can provide much-needed funds to the victims of asbestos exposure to help them meet their financial obligations.

Construction Site Accident Litigation Financing

construction guy in pain worrying about his personal injury in work
If you have experienced a construction site accident, whether, as an employee or a bystander, you may need help to get back to your normal life. Many construction sites, particularly those with dangerous chemicals and heavy equipment, can cause injury to their clients, visitors, and, of course, employees. A construction company may violate occupational safety and health regulations by not taking the right measures to ensure the well-being of its employees and visitors.
You may need pre-settlement funding if you are involved in a construction site accident case to manage your financial responsibilities while your case drags on.

Pedestrian Injury Litigation Financing

Pedestrian accidents can be of various types. For instance, pedestrians can be hit in a parking lot by a reversing vehicle, or by a vehicle exiting from the premises. Alcohol-related accidents can also be categorized as pedestrian injuries. A driver’s extreme speed and failure to follow traffic laws may also lead to different pedestrian accident lawsuits.
In a pedestrian accident lawsuit, the plaintiff’s lawyer is responsible for obtaining compensation for hospital expenses and other bills. Such cases tend to take months or even years to be settled fairly. Settlement funding for people involved in pedestrian injury court cases can be a great help if you have no way to pay your bills while waiting for resolution.

Premises and Slip & Fall Litigation Financing

Premises, slip and fall accidents can occur as a result of hazardous conditions existing on the property of another person. If you’ve been involved in such an accident, you can file a lawsuit and get compensation for medical expenses and your time away from your daily life. In such cases, the property owner may be responsible for any injuries incurred on his/her property.
Since it may be difficult to prove the property owner’s negligence, these cases take time to be resolved fairly. Many other legal complications, such as insurance conditions, negligence, and matters of property ownership may further prolong the lawsuit’s settlement.

Medical Malpractice Funding

young guy inquiring about Lawsuit Funding for Personal Injury Cases
According to the findings of many non-profit consumer advocate organizations, over a million injuries are caused every year by medical negligence or medical malpractice. Filing a medical malpractice lawsuit holds hospitals, doctors, and the entire medical staff responsible for not providing adequate attention and care.
However, medical clinics, hospitals, and laboratories are often influential enough to deliberately prolong the legal process, thus pushing the plaintiff to accept a low-value settlement. To avoid falling into this trap, lawsuit funding can help you pay your expenses while you wait for an appropriate resolution of your case.

Whistleblower Litigation Financing

Whistleblower lawsuits are not only difficult to win but are also extraordinarily expensive to pursue. Let’s say a cosmetic company is forcing its specialists to use unsafe chemicals for a new product line, a whistleblower from within that cosmetic company can file a court case against the company. Since the plaintiff is likely to lose his/her job, lawsuit funding is the best financial help they can get. As a whistleblower, you can alleviate financial risks by accepting a pre- settlement cash advance until your case is over.

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