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What is Pre-Settlement Funding?

Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding is Not a Lawsuit Loan

Do not confuse litigation financing with traditional lawsuit loans. Unlike traditional cash advance loans, pre settlement funding advances are not borrowed against tangible assets. This is exactly why pre-settlement funding makes it easier for plaintiffs like you to ease the financial burden that can occur during many personal injury lawsuits. Let’s discuss how pre-settlement or litigation funding works and how it applies to certain scenarios.

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How Plaintiff Funding Works

There are basically two types of settlement advances, and our network of sources can provide both. The first involves post-settlement advances that are attained for lawsuits that have already been settled. After a settlement is awarded or an agreement is reached, the plaintiff needs money to cover expenses while waiting for the actual payment of the settlement. Once a plaintiff applies for the funds, the money is forwarded to him or her until the settlement comes through. When it does, the money is repaid.

Plaintiff funding, litigation funding or pre-settlement funding refers to the same process but at a different stage in the game. Simply put, pre-settlement financing is funding that is provided before the settlement or resolution of a lawsuit is reached. Litigation financing or pre-settlement advances are used for cases that are still pending. This is why our sources can be picky about who is approved for pre-settlement funds.

Remember, the funds are provided as non-recourse loans. Non-recourse means that if you lose your case, you don’t repay the money. Because of this, you and your legal representative will be required to provide detailed information, legal documents and evidence pertaining to your case. This information allows for a thorough analysis of the likelihood of your success. Once funds are issued, you do not repay any money until and unless your case is settled in your favor.

Funding Litigation for Medical Malpractice

Victims of medical malpractice are entitled to compensation. Medical malpractice can occur when a person is harmed by a medical professional such as a doctor or nurse as a result of improper medical treatment. This may happen at any time during treatment. For example, a nurse may give you the wrong medication for your illness or a doctor might misdiagnose your case. The results can be devastating. Victims have been paralyzed or suffered debilitating physical injuries just because the medical specialists assigned to their respective cases were negligent.

Of course, the victims themselves may succumb to their injuries and die before their cases end. Nevertheless, the surviving family members are still entitled to fair compensation. After all, they are grieving and retain the right to sue the medical institution that is responsible for the victim’s untimely demise. These cases can stretch out for months or even years, especially since most medical establishments already have seasoned lawyers working for them. In cases such as these, pre-settlement funding is often the best course of action for a victim’s family especially since the resource bridges the gap between a fair settlement and immediate financial needs. Victims and their families can pay the medical bills and make up for lost income while they await the outcome of their cases.

Auto Accident Lawsuit Funding

You stop your car at a red light like a good citizen. Unfortunately, not everyone cares about following the rules of the road even if their carelessness might kill someone. That someone might be a jaywalker, a driver like you or the driver of a semi or other large vehicle that belongs to a company. The victim of the accident that follows might be you or anyone you love. Victims of auto accidents often file lawsuits against people or companies that might be responsible for such incidents. Plaintiffs in auto accident cases seek to acquire medical compensation for the injuries that they suffered. Serious injuries may also render them incapable of either going to work on a regular basis or working as efficiently as they did before the accidents.

Unfortunately, most victims never follow through with a claim due to financial constraints. Financial pressure is also why they sometimes end up settling for less than full case value for the suffering they endured. The money they spend to fund either their cases or medical expenses can create mountains of debt. When forced into a corner, plaintiffs may resort to extreme measures such as taking out high-interest bank loans or exceeding their credit card limits just to make ends meet.

However, a plaintiff like you could be spared from being overwhelmed by out of pocket expenses if you qualify for settlement advances. Once our sources approve an application, you could have the cash within 24-48 hours. Unlike traditional bank loans, the pre-settlement funding approval process does not take aspects such as a person’s credit history or employment status into account. In fact, you do not have to be employed at all to have a cash advance approved. Qualification is based on the strength of your case.

Pre-settlement funding helps personal injury victims and plaintiffs like you pay the bills. The cash also puts you in better bargaining positions while your settlement is being negotiated. In other words, you have nothing to lose. Plaintiff funding provides you with the financial comfort and time you need to see your case through to a favorable and fair resolution.

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